Friday, August 30, 2013

Marblewood Knife Strip

Marblewood, meet knives
You know the drill by now. Sell a knife strip, give that person a blog post. A friend of mine asked for a marblewood knife strip for his brother, so voila: One marblewood knife strip.

Marblewood, finished with mineral oil
Marblewood is incredibly hard. (Twice as hard as red oak). This makes it more difficult to work with, but the real reason it's hard to work with is its grain. It splinters easily, and those splinters tear out large stretches of the material. It's an easy wood to ruin from tear out. Tear out, however, is more of an issue if you're routing along the length of the grain, which thankfully I did not have to do.

Knives, meet marblewood.
The material itself makes for a striking knife rack. The streaks of dark violet contrast with its golden brown color, and if you look closely at the patterning its irregularity is quite striking.

Pictured: quite striking irregularity
A lot of what I've written about these before stands, so I won't repeat myself. Instead, I'll just post more pictures:

Marblewood - edge grain

Back view
Gratuitous photo A

Gratuitous photo B

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