Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Green Bay Packers Bags Set

Because in Wisconsin we do tailgating right, that means we need bag sets that are up to snuff.

Turns out that a POV from the board's perspective isn't incredibly helpful
Let's be real here. I grew up in Wisconsin. I went to Marquette. I'm a Brewers fan and a Packers fan. There's more tailgating in my blood than hemoglobin. A quality bags set... now that's just a necessity.

For those who are slow on the uptake: This is a quality bags set
I picked up some plywood, some framing material, logos, and the officially licensed paint colors, threw em in my cauldron with a router for the hole, some exterior wood glue, a nail gun, and a polycrylic finish, and presto-chango: We have ourselves a bags set.

I wasn't at a tailgate...
.... but I guess a hickory smoked boneless leg of lamb will have to do.
The legs tuck up under the board for easy storage. The board itself is plywood, primed, painted, and varnished. I used light materials where possible to try to make them as portable as possible. I cut the hole with a good quality router and router bit, so it's nice and smooth. The varnish makes it a little water resistant, but I still wouldn't leave it out in the weather if I were you.

Given my fairly rudimentary understanding of trademarks, I can't really offer to sell you these. However, if you were to, let's just say, want a bags set, and, let's just say, you emailed me to describe the set you wanted, then, let's just say, you might receive the exact bags set you described, with logos and official paint colors.

Or maybe not.

Please don't sue me.

Gratuitous Packers photo
Yes I know this isn't adding much....
.... but that's right, I don't really care.
Go Pack Go.

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