Saturday, August 3, 2013

Cutting Board 2.0

Yes those jalapenos were grown in the garden,
Congratulations Jessica and Tom, to many many happy years!

Since it's kinda my thing, I gave them a cutting board for their wedding. Details after the jump...

Maple edge grain cutting board with danggai border
Unlike the board I gave Sergio and Jonathon, which was end grain up, for this board I turned the maple on its edge and made an edge grain up cutting board. Although end grain makes the hardest surface, edge grain is also hard and durable. Especially with a very hard wood like maple, even an edge grain cutting board will last a lifetime.

This cutting board is roughly 13" x 18", which should give reasonably good amount of space to work.

Just as with other cutting boards I've made in the past, to take care of it just wipe it down with a little butcher's block oil from time to time. Don't run it through the dishwasher or let it soak, and probably try to avoid letting raw meats sit on it for a long time. If it gets cut up to the point you want to freshen it up, then just sand the surface and reapply butcher's block oil.

Close up to show edge grain pattern
Edge grain may not show the most of the material being used, but it shows enough to see that there can be a variety of colors in maple. There's some gray streaking, some darker tan flecking, and at least one board that looks pretty darn white. All in all it is a very light color, which makes the dark border, made from danggai, really pop.

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