Sunday, February 8, 2015

Stain Match 1.0

Okay. This is going to be tough. It's also a post that is going up mid-construction. Here's the deal: A commission requires me to make new furniture match this color...

Here's the problem. I don't have either any more of that stain or any ability to add 25ish years of UV exposure and general aging that I can just whip up. That means we've gotta just, ya know, wing it.

Step one: Try the junk that's lying around.

That's... anticlimactic. There just happened to be two types of stain handy. Minwax Red Mahogany Wood Stain  and Watco Dark Walnut Danish Oil Wood Finish. On the far left is the Minwax - Red Mahogany. On the far right is the Watco - Danish Oil: Dark Walnut. In the middle is the Dark Walnut with the Red Mahogany on top.

That's the same layout with two coats. There remains work to do...

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