Monday, November 30, 2015

Cyber Monday, or, Guy Who Sells Stuff Regardless of Fancy Day

So I'm not Amazon and have no brick and mortar nonsense either, but I do have some stuff for sale if you want to give someone a bitchin' Christmas (Hanukkah, or secular-gift-giving-occasion) gift. I threw it up on the etsy: My store. Send me a message and if you're in the Milwaukee area we can avoid going through Etsy and save you the shipping costs.

I've got:

Edge grain maple cutting boards for $55, $65, and $75 (medium, large, and x-large)

End grain maple cutting boards for $75, $85, and $95 (um... same thing)

End grain walnut cutting boars for $95, $115, and $135 (yep, same as above)

And, of course, knife strips starting at $70, but negotiable depending on your desired size and material.

Hit me up via email and let me know. The sooner the better for the looming holiday (or secular-gift-giving-occasion; I'm inclusive!).