Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Walnut Knife Strip

I sold another knife strip. It was another custom order, this time in walnut. It turned out great.

So far everyone who has gotten something has gotten a post about it. I'm going to keep that up until (and this would be a good problem to have) I have too many orders to keep it up.

Congrats on buying a knife strip man! More about it and care info after the jump...

So a lot of this is duplication of other posts I've done on similar subjects. But, like I said, you get your own post.


1. It's got butcher's block oil for a finish. It's food safe, but non-permanent. At some point you may want to (probably will have to) refresh it by rubbing another coat on.
2. If you manage to ding it up to the point that it doesn't look good anymore, you can always sand it and then put more butcher's block oil on it. That will give you an essentially brand new knife block.

Other info:

I love walnut, it's a great material that has good strength and beautiful color but is still a relatively reasonably priced material. It's domestic, which makes it affordable, but among domestic hardwoods, it's about as expensive as you get.

Interestingly enough, dark woods are more apt to be expensive. That's why it's fairly common for lighter woods to get stained dark. But, since I love the natural color and appearance of wood (to the point that it's a fundamental underpinning of my personal design philosophy), walnut is an indispensable material so that I can get dark colors without breaking the bank.

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