Thursday, July 7, 2016

Small Rectangular Dice Tray - Walnut Red Felt

Designing something to be used involves a surprising amount of factors. Typically, nearly everything you use that has been produced by a major corporation has been engineered to death (well, it ought to have been at least). Someone has thought through the ergonomics of how it's used, how its user will react to using it. Someone has thought through all of the minor details of how others will perceive its use. Here's a fun fact about my operation: I have precisely zero engineers. I do all of the design myself, and, spoiler-alert, I'm not an engineer (yes, presses are stopped).

Here's a thing I never considered when designing the original octagonal dice tray or even when designing the elongated octagonal dice tray: a deep tray with high sides can obscure other players' views of your dice rolls. At a small tabletop game, it's not that big of an issue. The sight lines involved don't block the dice rolls. However, at big games, like a big wargaming session or at a con, the larger distances change the sight lines and can mean that rolls are hard for other players to see. Plus, at those games, there's a higher probability that schlepping your gear is an issue, so smaller actually can be better.

Enter the Small Rectangular Dice Tray.

Prompted by another clever Etsy customer, this design has exterior dimensions of approximately 6" x 4" and slightly less than 2" deep.

12 mm dice
19 mm dice
For comparison purposes, of the above two pictures, the top picture with the gold dice is of 12 mm (1/2") dice, and the bottom picture is of 19 mm (3/4") dice.

This particular tray is made from walnut, a naturally rich dark brown domestic hardwood (albeit one that commands a premium price). I lined it in red felt, which produces a great visual color contrast.

They are for sale here.

Basically the rest of the post is the other pictures I took that I don't feel like wasting.

If you need a dice tray, either hit me up on my Etsy store, or shoot me an email.

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