Sunday, December 13, 2015

Dice Tray

Let your geek flag fly

The guy who I built this wine rack for commissioned me to build him a dice tray, which, I learned is a enclosure for containing rolled dice. It's used in tabletop gaming, and it turns out that there are lots of places that sell these things. This one is made of a tropical wood called black poisonwood, or chechen, and the bottom is lined in red felt. More info after the jump.

The dice tray itself is an octagon approximately 6 inches in diameter and is 2 7/8 inches deep. The construction is mitre joints (mitred angle: 22.5 degrees). Mitre joints allow for the easy construction of any regular polygon (the interior angles just have to add up to 360 and you've got yourself an enclosure). I routed a roundover edge on the top to soften the edge.

Believe it or not, the hardest part of this procedure was cutting the felt. I say: wood, easy; felt, hard. Any deviations from the exact size, and the plywood baseboard would show through, and ruin the aesthetic.

Anyone out there that wants a dice tray, I would be happy to build one. The cost of this one was higher just due to the high cost of the exotic hardwood, black poisonwood. Out of maple, ash, or red oak, I would charge $30.00, Walnut or cherry $40.00. Exotics: negotiable.

Just let me know.

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