Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Elongated Octagonal Dice Tray - v. 1.0

I toyed with calling this an "irregular" octagon. Okay, because I have a lot of respect for my readers, I will concede: Technically this is a "regular" octagon because all of the interior angles are 135 degrees. However, colloquially, it appears "irregular" insofar as it is a polygon that does not approximate a circle, but rather approximates an oval or ellipse. I settled on "elongated" as it adequately describes it. Everyone on board with my pedantry?


Moving on!

Awful lot of 1s in this roll, good thing the d20 hit the saving throw for woodworking?
A clever customer contacted me on Etsy (I sell stuff there!) and asked if it's possible to elongate two of the sides to create a functional area. Sure can. By doubling the length of two parallel sides (from 3" to 6") the interior angles are unchanged. The design turned out well enough that I've added it to the store as a regular offering.

If a dice tray houses lots of dice and lots of 1s, is that better or worse than a dice tray housing no dice at all?
The material is red oak stained with General Finishes Rosewood. General Finishes, which is located in God's Country (Wisconsin, for those unfamiliar, is God's Country), is one of the finest purveyors of stain that I've had the pleasure of using. Anyone looking to modify the natural color of wood would be well-served looking to General Finishes, and anyone looking to ask me to stain something would be well-served looking there as well. I'd be happy to use any of their products on your order (but I'd have to add the cost of the stain).

The tray is finished with a gloss polyurethane (Behlen's), which applies nicely and should add a great deal of durability to the piece, even if it shouldn't be enduring too much punishment on a daily basis.

Definitely running out of #diceshaming jokes at this point
The lining is purple felt, which complements the General Finishes Rosewood-stained red oak well. Props to the gentleman who ordered for the keen eye matching the colors well. As for lining on future orders, the easiest place to get colored felt for me happens to be Hobby Lobby, and the available colors can be found here.

If you would like to order a dice tray the links are: Regular, Irregular. Or feel free to email me directly. We can also work out custom orders.

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