Saturday, June 15, 2013

Red Oak Frames

I found some really sweet prints of Miller Park and the Promised Land, Lambeau Field (thanks Huckberry). They needed frames, so I grabbed a little stray red oak and whipped 'em up.

God's Country has so much to offer. Non-native Wisconsinites absolutely must tailgate at Miller Park (Molitor Lot, the regular parking lot off of Bluemound Rd. is so where it's at) at least once before they die. Beer, brats, the smell of the grills, kids playing catch, adults playing bags or dangerous drinking games involving throwing darts at beer cans located in the opposing player's crotch... it's a helluva time. Football fans, even mouth-breathing Vikings fans, must experience the perfection that is a football game at Lambeau Field. I love baseball with all my heart, and football is not far behind. When I saw these prints, I had to had them. All I need is one of County Stadium, maybe Borchert Field too.

Anyway, all that the frames are is a couple of red oak pieces, one and half inches wide secured together. The interior dimension is 13.5 inches square. I got Waukesha's own Bob's Glass (seriously, there's a glass company called Bob's Glass... how Wisconsin is that?) to cut out the custom piece for barely anything. I gave it a bit of stain varnish, and voila: pretty sweet custom frames if I do say so myself.

Just drink in how incredible that view is. Now... imagine looking at the field itself.


P.S. I totally don't have the rights to display this image, but I'll be a copyright scofflaw. On a scale of France to Audie Murphy, how badass is this:

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