Friday, June 21, 2013

Our Haul of Lumber

Yeah, we drove back from rural Cleveland with that. That's somewhere in the north of 150 board feet of lumber, a couple empty 33- gallon barrels that once contained the stuff they make marshmallows out of (seriously), and my backpack. We wrapped it up in a couple tarps because we expected rain (naturally because we tarped it there was no rain), and drove it along down the Ohio and Indiana Turnpikes, the Illinois Tollroad, and finally Wisconsin's blessedly toll-free freeways back to the Shaw.

Seriously, screw you toll roads...

We dropped by my uncle's to pick up a bunch of mahogany, aromatic cedar, soft maple, and ash. We left with an 11-footer each of purpleheart, teak, and sassafras, some dangai, a pretty warped 8/4 piece of cherry, some random red oak, and a bunch of scrap out of my uncle's burn pile.

Over the next few weeks... basically whenever I don't have anything better to do (which is quite often now that I'm thinking about it) and anything better to write about, I'll go through and talk about all the different woods I've got right now. Off the top of my head, we've got ash, maple, red oak, maybe a board or two of white oak, walnut, cherry, dangai, purpleheart, birdseye maple, teak, afromosia, a tiny bit of bloodwood, Honduran mahogany, aromatic cedar, and not sure what else but probably some stuff.

The other thing I'll do, is explain some things about lumber generally (how it's measured, sold, that sort of thing).

I'm off to Napa for a week so no updates. Hopefully out there I'll get some good inspiration on wine racks (I feel version 4.0 coming on). I'm quite confident that I'll drink a fair bit of wine and relax in some nice weather in some beautiful countryside. Bring it on NorCal.

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