Friday, December 30, 2016

"Shangrila" Series Pen #1

We were doing some yard work at my in-laws lake house on Lake Shangrila, Wisconsin, burning leaves, pruning some trees, when we pruned what we thought might have been a juniper bush. Turns out, it's aromatic cedar (one smell and you know). the branches looked incredibly gnarled and twisted, like they might have some interesting figure, so I grabbed a few and figured I'd see what I could get out of them on the lathe. Turns out (buh-dum-ching) the pieces are the ideal size for turning pens.

I turned it on the lathe, sanded to 1500 grit, and applied 6 coats of CA to finish. The pen kit is black with chrome trim and is a "twist" mechanism ball point.

Thus starts a series of pens, the "Shangrila" Series.

It started like this:

The violet coloration of aromatic cedar is striking

And finished like this:

Black and chrome trim

Sanded to 1500 grit

6 coats of CA to finish

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