Sunday, March 29, 2015

Danggai Pen

We went to Arizona recently, and a friend of ours was kind enough to not only let us crash in his place in Phoenix, but also to borrow his car (on which we put a few miles; thanks again Brian!). Anyway, one of the ways we thanked him was by giving him this:

Just like the last pen I made, I turned it on a lathe out of an exotic hardwood. This time, I used nickel hardware instead of brass, and danggai, a rare wood from the Philippines, instead of Bubinga. Just like the last time, by taking a rectangular prism of wood and removing everything that didn't look like a pen, I free handed (what I hope is) a pleasing curve to the barrel of the pen.

These are fun and not too time consuming to make. I dare say they make a decent present. So if you are hard up for a present for one of the myriad occasions floating around the calendar, let me know and I'd be happy to hook you up with one made out of pretty much anything you can imagine.

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