Sunday, July 13, 2014

Afromosia Frames - Don't Tread On Me

Don't Tread on Me
This fine country of ours has a spectacular history. The struggle against tyranny is imprinted on our national identity, and one of the symbols of that struggle is the Gadsden Flag. An image as timeless as that requires a frame to match...

I frankly don't have that many pictures of it, because really there are only so many ways you can photograph a picture frame.

It's 24" x 24" and the material is afromosia (sometimes written "afrormosia" but I think that doesn't roll off the tongue quite as well), Afromosia is a tropical hardwood that comes mostly from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and it is expensive. It's a heavy, hard, dense wood that is naturally dark and tight grained.

It's also gorgeous.

It has a subtle waviness
As for the frame itself: It's constructed with mitre joints at the corners (each piece's ends are cut at a 45 degree angle = 90 degree corners).

Good thing I didn't have common core math or 45 + 45 would be damn near impossible.
The back has a rabbet routed along the inside-border. A rabbet is an l-shaped ridge of material cut out of the frames which makes a lip for the glass, matting, and picture to slot securely into the frame. Holding everything in the frames are a few pieces of simple hardware.

Simple is good.
And providing it with a way to hang to the wall is another simple piece of hardware:

Pretty sure there's nothing a caption can add to this photo.
There are more heavy-duty mechanisms for hanging pictures, but as this is not very heavy, it does the job perfectly well without slipping into the over-kill zone.

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