Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Wine Rack 4.0 - Mahogany and Maple

I've made them for friends; I've made them for family; this time, I made one for myself.

Picture-palooza after the jump...

It is a wine rack, so it's set up to handle 36 bottles. I think you'd have trouble fitting a magnum on the rack, but it should accommodate standard Bordeaux, Burgundy, your variety of narrow-bottled whites, as well as the larger-around style you see Petit Syrah and the like.

The face frame is Honduran mahogany, and the body is maple. This sets up a color contrast between the frame and front of the piece and the remainder of the case (carcass in carpenter-speak). It also goes well with the remainder of my living room furniture (coffee and end tables and tv stand... post coming).

The other thing about Honduran mahogany is it really shines with varnish and sunlight on it. I finished it with Varmor gloss polyurethane (pretty much the last of the Varmor in the country because the EPA banned its formula... hippies). In some pictures you can see where the sunlight falls on the mahogany contrasted with the shadow. It's a visually striking, rich, warm, bright color.

This is just a gratuitous picture of the bottle racks.

Along the sides you can see there is some maple trim, as well as some flame ghost maple. The frame gives the piece some visual weight when viewed from the side, which is admittedly not the most important angle. The flame patterning on the ghost maple trim matches the brightness of the mahogany, and the ghost coloring gives it a little more character than the plain whiteness of unfigured maple.

Just like in the other wine racks, the design is the same: space for racked wine bottles below, two shelves 18 inches apart on top. This divides the six-foot tall piece into three sections. Fifty percent, from the floor to the three-foot line is setup for bottles. Two 25-percent sections from the free-foot line to the top is comprised of two shelves, which makes an excellent place for scotch, bourbon, rye, gin, rum, copper Moscow Mule mugs, cocktail-mixing apparatus, other assorted entertaining errata.

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