Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Cutting Board 2.2 - Maple, Large

Maple cutting board
Merry Christmas, one maple edge-grain cutting board found its way under a tree this year.

Yes, I know I've been on a cutting board kick lately. This one is larger than the others that I've made, roughly 24 inches long, 12 inches wide, and an inch and a half thick. The cutting surface is maple on its edge grain, and the border is walnut.

Some ghost maple is visible
As you can see in the picture, some ghost maple made its way into the board. Normally this isn't the best use for figured wood, but sometimes you have small pieces left over that are just the perfect size for something you're making and it just works.

Maple is about as hard of a domestic wood as there is. Put up on its edge, it becomes even more durable. This board will be able to take some serious punishment. If it ever gets cut up to the point where you want it cleaner, just sand the surface and it will look good as new.

The finish is food safe (or else this would be a Merry Christmas, have some toxic food from me! kind of post). A couple coats of butchers block oil penetrates the surface, protecting it, and it darkens the colors. The maple takes on a slight reflective quality once its been oiled. The finish is not permanent, however. Every once in a while you should wipe another coat on with a rag.

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