Monday, September 16, 2013

Bags Boards - 2.0, Green Bay Packers

 Looks like someone sure *described the general appearance* of a beanbag board and prompted me to make more.

This is version 2.0. It's an improvement over v. 1.0; I increased the width of the apron framing the board and opted for a higher-quality surfaced sheet of plywood to form a smoother board. Otherwise we're still working with officially licensed paint, vinyl decals, and a water-based varnish called Polycrylic.

If anyone else wants to *describe the general appearance* of a beanbag set then I'd be happy to make them. Base price is $150. Ask for some kind of bizarre paint job and I might ask for more money. Ask for it unpainted/varnished, and I might ask for less.

Go Pack Go.

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