Thursday, April 28, 2016

Dusty Life: Reprise

Holy crap The Dusty Life guys let me be on their podcast, again! This time we talk about the types of finish that are best for knife handles. And yes, I'm aware this is relatively esoteric and you folks may not care! Listen anyway, leave them a rating on the iTunes and such, which is kinda like leaving me a rating (I estimate that I have been on for approximately 1% of their total airtime, which is... not a lot).

Anyway, I've embedded the cast after the jump:

Also, during the cast they suggested that I look up Bad Axe Tool Works and see if they would be willing to share the finishing technique for the handles of their saws. First and foremost, I went to their site to check their stuff out because I was unfamiliar, and holy... smokes... their work is freaking gorgeous. If it cuts half as good as it looks... damn. Plus, it's a Wisconsin business (La Crosse). If anyone is in the market for a high-end hand saw, shop local!

Secondly, I haven't heard back about the finish, but I'll be sure to update when I do.

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