Thursday, March 24, 2016

Walnut End Grain Cutting Board 2.0

Who would have thought the cheapest I found those peppers was at Whole Foods? Also don't worry, I just posed 'em there.
So I got an order for an end-grain walnut chopping block on the Etsy. I've done one of these before but wanted to update with some higher-quality pictures, which are after the jump.

As discussed in various spots, end-grain up cutting boards (chopping blocks, or butcher's blocks) are durable due to the resilience of the end grain. Walnut is not as common of a material for a cutting board as maple, but it gives a rich chocolate brown coloration that you won't get from maple. And, really you're not sacrificing that much hardness in the bargain. You are, however, about quadrupling the material cost. The price of walnut has been skyrocketing.

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