Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Zebrawood, Updated

Zebrawood, Unfinished
Zebrawood is a really cool material. It has a cousin in appearance in marblewood. Zebrawood, unlike marblewood however, does not have long, difficult to work, grain. It has a distinctive dark-light-dark patterning (um... zebra... so...).

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Zebrawood is gorgeous. One day I want to get a gigantic piece of it, maybe a slab if I can, and build a table out of it. It's just such an aesthetically striking color pattern. Marblewood has gold with violet streaking, but zebrawood is unique (as far as I know) for its distinctive striping. Zebrawood gives you light-dark-light-dark-light-dark lines. marblewood gives you light with dark streaks; zebra gives you regular stripes.

Physically, it's an exotic hardwood that hails from West Africa. That means it's heavy. At 54 lbs/cubic foot it's dense, but not as dense as water (62.3 lbs/cubic foot). There are plenty of woods more dense, but don't expect anything made of zebrawood to be very light. As expected from tropical hardwoods, it's hard. It's Janka Hardness rating comes in at 2,097 lbf. (Note: marblewood at 2,710 lbf was "really freaking hard).

I'll update this post later with shots of some finished zebrawood when I get some.


Zebrawood finished with mineral oil brings out the richness of the browns, darkening it slightly

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